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Care to join us?
There are lots of ways you can participate!

Have your own signing event. This works well with groups big and small.  

For a small signing take a bucket of baseballs to a Boy and Girl Scout Troop meeting, a church or temple youth group event, a school class or a sports team.  

You can drop a bucket of baseballs off with your local Firefighters or Police. Many of them will be former military and will be very happy to participate.

Bring baseballs to a family event: A holiday dinner, a birthday party, a graduation celebration, a Bar Mitzvah or even a family reunion.

Reseach your local area for the VFW’s, Knights of Columbus, and military family run organizations. So many of them are out there and look for items like baseballs to send to the troops. They are always willing to lend a hand – and sometimes have the means to help purchase baseballs, pay for shipping or have a contact in the armed forces that you can send the baseballs to once they are ready to go. 

Interested in learning more?
Ask me anything!

My family and I have been to more than 100 signing events. We’ve had signing events in multiple parts of the country that I have facilitated, but from afar. I have had requests from military families here at home to have their loved one serving overseas receive a box of baseballs. I’ve even sent one baseball to a recovering Vietnam Vet who was undergoing surgery and needed a “Lift!” We’re open to your suggestions, requests and volunteer opportunities. Please let me know what you’re thinking. I love talking to kids about volunteering.  Every idea has potential because it means your thinking and getting involved!
I'd like to introduce you to team member Noah J. who is took on Billy's BASEballs as his Mitzvah Project.   
Noah participated in a few team events with me and a few signings of his own.  This is a picture from his family's Thanksgiving Dinner where they took a moment out of their celebration to honor our military heroes.  
Thank you to the whole "J" family for your time and love.  
Those BASEballs look fantastic!  
Always happy to have you on board Noah!