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Why a baseball?  
A baseball is a pretty friendly object. It does a great job at bringing people together. Even without a mitt, a baseball can be tossed in a simple game of catch. It reminds people of being young, special friendships and simpler times. It transports easily ‐ fits into any backpack or even a pocket. A baseball is a nice way to say "Hi" and the troopss really enjoy getting them.
With a goal of sending 100 baseballs to the troops, I hosted my first Billy’s BASEballs signing at a local town event in October, 2013. I reached my whole goal that day. 
In the last 5 years I have sent over 15,000 baseballs to the troops and every one of those baseballs carried a message of love, thanks, hope, and praise.  Ready to join me?  I'll help you do a BASEball signing in your home town, with your team, your troop, your art class. Just send me a request below!

Thanks for stopping by my homepage.  Please send me your feedback, questions, thoughts. I’m 17 and I know a baseball can’t change the whole world, but it’s sure changed mine and the lives of the thousands of people   
  who’ve been touched by these BASEballs.  It’s a simple act of kindness in exchange for a moment of your time. 

 If I can do it, surely you can too! 
We can’t get them in the mail fast enough!
Feedback from our military heroes has been great. They can’t believe that kids like me – or friends like you could take the time to bring them such a fun piece of home. The notes make the baseballs very special. And even with the amount of baseballs we’ve sent, there is a desire for more, more, more.

Want to donate?
Great Night with NFTY Urban Mitzvah Corps 2014 
I know it's late, but I just got home from a great night with an amazing group of teens and Morah Shawn Fogel at NFTY UMC doing a BASEball signing. These young adults spend 5 days a week volunteering and they were excited about Billy's BASEballs. I was really proud tonight to be in their company. What a cool bunch. Thanks for the invite and for signing 40+ BASEballs. -Billy. — at Rutgers University New Brunswick.

NFTY Urban Mitzvah Corps 
Welcome to Billy's BASEballs.  
We are dedicated to providing cheer to our military troops at home and abroad.  
Have you ever signed a baseball?  
It's a pretty cool thing.  
We sign baseballs with notes of encouragement and send them to the troops.  
You can be a part of this great experience.  
Getting all the kids involved.  
Meeting our heroes  and saying Thank You in person.
Yes!  Billy's BASEballs is a non profit and can accept donations.  
Please contact me directly at billysbaseballs@yahoo.com

We are excited to partner with amazing organizations such as: 
Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute
Marine Moms/Military Moms of Mahwah
Hearts of Hope 
The American Warriors' Watch Coalition. 
Hearts for Heroes
1-229th ARB Echo Company Maniacs with their Billy's BASEballs. You heroes are the pride of our great nation. We thank you for our freedom. Welcome Home.
My Westwood Regional High School Baseball Team Signing the 7000th Billy's BASEball